My name is Oleg Skrinda
and I am a photographer based in London, UK.
I work with digital, film and mobile photography.


When I was 12 years old I was given a simple Soviet camera as a present, which became my hobby for a couple of years… until I got curious how the that thing worked and disassembled it, but couldn’t put it back together. Somehow this stopped me from pursuing it at that time. 

Only after more than a decade the interest in photography was rekindled when I’d picked up a digital point-and-shoot camera, during transformational and turbulent years of my life. This was when the early experiments started.

Fast forward another decade, I began to shoot on the streets of London, as a personal therapy and a way to channel my creative ideas. After a while the range expanded to portraiture and fine art.

What interests me the most is the ability to experiment with the medium and the subject. To use different tools (cameras) to expand their capabilities to record the lights in a way that is different to a human eye or to uncover what is hidden from the naked eye, but can be studied when frozen in a fraction of a second. And above all to try to understand what it’s like to be human and how we can deal with the existential dread. 


If you are interested  in collaborations or commissions, please .

Instagram: oskrinda Instagram: acts.of.violence